The Vampire Within Us


The sound of the phones and typewriters echo through the whole office as the many workers surrounding the area furiously type away at their keyboards. Many faxes are sent in and many phone calls were answered in the span of a few minutes.

However, this is all interrupted by the sound of a bell. From one of the offices near the entrance, Hector rings the bell furiously to grab the attention of the other workers.

“Everyone stop what you’re doing!” He yells. “There’s been a grave incident!”


With Hector pacing back and forth, the boardroom was officially packed with everyone working on the office, all sitting next to each other waiting for Hector to speak.

“What happened Hector?” Asks Steve, 30, bald with a blue vintage business suit and tie.

“Well.” He says. “I was gonna discuss some business stuff with Mark and when I went into his office.” He puts his phone on the table. “I found him dead, murdered.”

“Murdered!?” Screamed the secretary Vicky, 28, long brunette hair with glasses and a long dress.

“Yeah that’s right. And not only was he murdered, but I have reason to believe that it was the work of a vampire! Behold!”

From his phone, the image of Mark’s neck with two red dots is visible. “These are clearly bite marks from a blood sucking vampire, a vampire that is very likely sitting in this room with us.”

“A vampire!” She screams again. “But who could it be?!”

“That’s what I asked you all here for. Steve, any ideas who the vampire might be?”

He scratches his head. “Not at all.”

“Okay well, what about you Count Dracula?”

Count Dracula, 48, sharp teeth, dark garb with cape and slicked back hair. “I have no idea who the vampire might be.” He says in a Hungarian accent.

Hector slams his fists against the table in frustration. “Damn this is getting us nowhere! Any one of us could be the vampire!” he says.

“I don’t mean to accuse.” Says Dracula. “But I do believe Vicky was the last one I saw talk to Mark.”

“So, you’re saying I’m the vampire!?”

“Dracula does make a convincing argument.” Says Hector. A small silence befalls the room as everyone stares at each other menacingly.

“Oh, I know.” Says Hector. “Vampires are weak to sunlight, right? So, let’s just open the window and see who disintegrates.” Hector suggests as he walks over to the curtains, opens them, and immediately looks behind at the group.

He notices as Dracula throws his arm in front of him and uses his cape to cover his entire body.

“Why are you covering yourself Dracula?” Hector asks suspiciously.

“The light, it’s too bright.”

“Well that sounds like something a vampire would say!” Hector then turns to the window; the strong western sunlight blinds him. “Shit that’s bright!” He yells as he stumbles around the room. With his hand in his eyes, he slowly feels the curtains as he closes them and removes the sunlight from the room.

“Well that was a waste of time.” He notes. “I guess Dracula might not be the vampire then.”

Hector walks over to the center of the room where he was talking previously, however, his foot bumps into something, once he looks down, he sees Vicky, dead on the floor.

“Oh my god!” He yells. “Someone killed Vicky!”

Crouching down, he inspects Vicky’s neck and immediately notices the vampire bite marks. Right under her neck laid the only thing that could have protected her, a necklace in the shape of a cross. Hector rips the cross out of her neck, gets up and aims it and both Dracula and Steve.

“Stay back both of you!” He yells.

From the corner of the room and with the cross between his sights, he aims it towards Dracula. “Okay Dracula, tell me a reason for why you’re not the vampire!”

“I really like garlic.”

“Fair enough.”

His sight then moves on to Steve. “Come on Steve give me something!” But Steve can’t answer, the shock and panic in his body doesn’t let his lips move. “Come on Steve, I’ve known you for fifteen years! You can’t be a vampire now!”

“Wait! Hector look behind you!” Yells Steve.

Looking behind his back, Hector sees Dracula, breathing under his neck about to suck his blood. With lightning reflexes Hector takes the cross and moves it towards Dracula, sending him backwards away from him.

“Dracula it was you!” He yells.

“Yes, it is I Count Dracula! I was the vampi-“ However, Dracula doesn’t get to finish that sentence as Steve takes his bottle of water and sprays it at Dracula.

The water burns his skin as Dracula slowly disintegrates into the ground from the water. Hector walks over to the no longer alive Dracula, he crouches down and inspects the water.

“Steve, I didn’t know you had holy water!?”

“I don’t.” Says Steve. “This is just regular water.”

“Oh. Since when are vampires weak to regular water?”

Steve shrugs.

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