Thoughts on: One Piece chapter 1000

If you’re a One Piece fan, chances are you’ve been waiting for this chapter to hit just as much as I have.

In this post you can expect to see my thoughts/ first impressions of chapter 1000 so be aware that there will be spoilers ahead.

With that in mind, here is my take on the latest One Piece chapter:

Unlike a lot of recent One Piece chapters, chapter 1000 is almost entirely dedicated to Luffy (Which I am completely okay with since he’s my favorite character.)

The opening is almost perfect, focusing on the trouble that the minks had been going through to get Luffy a secure access point to get to the top of Onigashima.

I loved how Luffy acknowledges the mink’s hard work, and even recalls what they did for Raizo. It was all a very Luffy thing to do and it worked as a perfect build up for what’s to come.

Then we have a long section dedicated to Yamato monologuing about a variety of things. Honestly, I don’t have much to say for this section other than that it works as a good build up for the really important parts.

But now we get to the real meat and bones of this chapter, the worst generation vs Big Mom and Kaido.

I lost my shit when I saw this panel. Not only does it look badass as hell, but it’s the thing I’ve been waiting for ever since the Straw Hats made it to Onigashima.

I highly recommend checking out some of the fan-made colored versions of this panel because it’s to awesome to not see.

The structure of it is perfect, representing who’s fighting who in a breathtaking manner.

But it only gets better from here. Linlin and Kaido start talking shit among themselves, but Luffy doesn’t care about either of them. He just walks right past them like it’s nothing.

One important detail I noticed is the sound effect for Luffy’s footsteps, even while the two emperors are talking, Luffy just keeps walking, walking over to Kin’emon. It shows that he has to fear in front of these two and it’s the most badass thing he does in (maybe) the whole chapter.

I like to imagine this scene with no music in the background, just the wind and Luffy’s footsteps. It makes it more cinematic in my opinion.

As expected, the samurai vassals are on the floor not having a good time. The conversation between Luffy and Kin’emon is pretty much what you would expect would happen at this point. Though a highlight for me was when Luffy asked Law to move them away and he did it without saying anything.

Law for the whole series has always been somewhat at odds with Luffy, and this scene perfectly represents how Law has grown to respect Luffy in moments like this. It’s a small detail, but a good one, nonetheless.

But now, we get to the best part of the whole chapter, you know it, it’s Red Roc!

When I saw this, when I saw Luffy make Kaido eat shit I almost jumped out of my desk in excitement. And then I cried when I realized that it ends here. This is my favorite panel in whole chapter (though it’s close between this one and the worst generation vs the emperors.)

For months I’ve speculated how Luffy will defeat Kaido and I always thought it was gonna be either gear fifth or some other variation for gear fourth. But I am loving this one, from what I can tell, it’s an upgraded version of Red Hawk with Ryuo.

There’s also a nice callback to Shanks when Luffy puts his hat back on. Though this gets completely out shadowed by Red Roc.

Chapter 1000 so far is easily one of the best chapters in the entire series. It is so hype I don’t know how I’m gonna wait two more weeks for the next chapter.

But with that aside, I hope you enjoyed these brief thoughts on the latest One Piece chapter and I would love to hear more from you in the comments.

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